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Friends of Burnett Garfield House

The Friends of the Burnett-Garfield House are a group who wish to protect the historic property at 84 Main Street from demolition and/or subdivision. For an update on this project, visit their Facebook page.

Tony and Mozart setting the door sill __ January 30, 2017


New window sills were installed this week. Cut from 4 ft X 8 ft slabs of Pennsylvania bluestone in the shop at Art Stonework, then notched and hand-chiseled here at the worksite. Here’s Rocker levelling and mortaring at the large south window. Filipe is at work on the north wall by the new doorway arch. ____ January 26, 2017


Completing the entryway arch __ January 17, 2017


Pilgrim Church, originally an 1806 meeting house, repaired and “put in good order for worship” in 1857 with $13,000 in donations. Joseph Burnett was a major contributor – with a string attached to his donation – the old meeting house would, for a time, be made available for Episcopal worship.

Source __ FENCES OF STONE by Richard E Noble, p 160
Photo __ 7:30 AM January 15, 2017


Setting the keystones for the entry arch __ January 13, 2017


Whack! Antonio splits a hinge stone. Four of these stones will support the hinges for the new entry doors. Dimensions and placement are critical to keep the doors flush with the outside stonework. __ January 12, 2017


Rocker on the move

Carlos “Rocker’ Arruda, on the double, heads for the Carriage House for tools. Today his crew is repairing the inside of the west wall __ 7:50 AM January 5, 2017


Today’s project will be to remove the stone beam in preparation for the arch over the entry doors. Note the yellow string lines marking the door frame. See the outside view in the comment below. __ January 5, 2017


In the chapel interior Mozart Medeiros squeezes in grout on a warm winter day. All the old mortar has been removed, inch-by-inch. __ December 27, 2016